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We Restore, Rebuild, Transform Lives

Our Founding Story

It all began in the year 2006 in December when our founder Vickie Wambura learned about the dilapidated state of our prisons through a News article which left an indelible mark on her. She pursued a way into prison wanting to make a difference. Her pursuit uncovered more than she had initially imagined. On her first prison visit in the year 2007, she learnt of learning opportunities that prison inmates could have, but the prison lacked the resources to make it a reality. They were in need of books, stationery and learning material let alone teachers. What seemed like an impediment to prison officers became an opportunity to make a difference for Vickie. More than donating learning material, Vickie volunteered as a teacher and before long, she realized that she had found her calling and purpose in life. Not knowing where the road would lead her, she decided to forsake all else and sort to serve those in prison and provide opportunities for learning that so many needed. Thus Nafisika Trust was conceived and began operating (2009).

Na·fi·si·ka (v) (Swahili): "To bring out into well being".

About Us

Nafisika Trust is an organization formed with the vision of contributing to the reduction of recidivism rates among inmates.

Our Vision

Prisons, a place of Hope and Transformation.

Our Mission

To Restore, Rebuild, and Transform Lives for a safer community.

This we do through:

a) Rehabilitation and skills-building programs for prison inmates.

b) Capacity building programs for prison officers.

c) Volunteering programs for community engagement.

Our Mandate


Lack of skills or education

Unemployment or underemployment

Stigma in society

Economic hardship and lack of gainful employment are the leading cause of crime and re-offence in Kenya. Records show economic crimes ranking at eighty percent while most incarcerated people fall at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Many of them do not have access to (sufficient) education and gainful employment opportunities. The stigma against persons with prison records is the second leading cause of re-offence. When society rejects formerly incarcerated persons, they are pushed back to old lifestyles and environments that lead to repeat crimes.


Provide skills and education

Prepare for employment

Break stigma through volunteering

Nafisika works to bring opportunities into prisons to level the playing field and equip incarcerated persons with skills and tools needed to increase employment rates once released. We engage the local community through our volunteer program to break negative perceptions and create an atmosphere of acceptance. By so doing, prison inmates grow in confidence to transform their lives and aim for greater heights.





While working in partnership with the Kenyan Prison Service and other partners, Nafisika provides a platform that transforms the lives of professionals, college students and incarcerated people through a volunteer experience in prison. We offer skill-building courses that include entrepreneurship, personal and leadership development, counselling and legal clinics that are delivered by professionals and college students through our volunteer platform. We equip incarcerated persons with the skills and tools needed to successfully reintegrate into society and secure gainful employment thus reducing recidivism and creating safer communities.

Vol·un·teer (n.) a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.

The Nafisika Trust Pillars

Nafisika Trust is a Non-profit organization working in partnership with the Kenya Prison Service within Prisons and Borstal Institutions. The Trust works to re-skill and rehabilitate inmates towards reduction of re-offence upon their release. It does this through its programmes that focus on behavioural change and economic empowerment. In addition, the Trust works towards strengthening of the Prison Service by running capacity building programmes for prison officers, enabling them to be more effective in inmate rehabilitation. Our programmes run under the 6 Key pillars below.

Entrepreneurship Programme

Equips inmates with practical market skills. It looks at financial skills and soft skills needed in running a successful business. It is coupled with Career Coaching that prepares inmates for job applications; CV writing, cover letters and mock interviews.

Counselling Services

Provides individual and group counselling services and influences positive behaviour change. Group counselling includes drug & substance abuse rehabilitation and promotes a social support system among the inmates.

Life Skills & Mentorship

A program that aims to stimulate young people to take initiatives to improve their own communities now and throughout their lives. Young people learn empathy skills, teamwork, leadership, and change making skills.

MAC Bakeries

A pastry-making course that introduces participants to a world of pastries and confectioneries. Participants also learn the practical side of running a business; pricing, marketing and selling.

Legal Clinics

Provides training on legal criminal procedures; court self-representation, advice on legal queries and city by-laws trainings.

Change Ambassadors Forum

An ex-inmates forum that creates a support system after release and helps individuals through the reintegration journey. They receive business mentorship and get guidance to employment opportunities.


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What people say...

Hon. Moody Awori EGH

Former Vice President, Republic of Kenya
I believe that when both the Correctional system and the Inmate rehabilitation centric organizations energetically focus on their mandates, we will see a new trend emerge where the rehabilitative success rates begin to stably climb and change for the better. This can only happen when both are better motivated to do well and above their prior set mandates / goals.
Nafisika is one of the organizations that has partnered with Kenya Prisons Service for over ten (10) years now. They have been very resourceful in supporting out rehabilitation agenda in prisons. They run very relevant programs for the inmates that prepare them for proper reintegration back to the society. Their programs compliment ours very well to the extent that they have made our effectiveness in rehabilitation acknowledged to the public. I appreciate their noble initiatives. Many thanks to the Nafisika team and God bless them.

Madam Khaemba

Kenya Prisons Service Director of Correction, Offender & Rehabilitation

Damaris Okello

Nafisika Beneficiary
I first encountered Nafisika Trust at Thika Women's Prison, where they trained me on a lot, including baking, business, emotional discipline amongst other things. From then on I started a Small business selling bananas, ground nuts, mellons, airtime etc. Before I encountered Nafisika I was employed at minimum wage, I now own my own business that has greater returns...may God bless Nafisika.
Nafisika opened a door no one believed could be opened; that of an inmate studying Law in a Maximum Security Prison. I believe I will be the first advocate in a free Kenya who studied behind the walls of a maximum security prison.

Hamisi Mzari

Nafisika Beneficiary & Legal Aid Officer @ African Prisons Project

Anne Apondi

Professional Volunteer Trainer
My experience as a volunteer with Nafisika Trust, when training at the prisons, always gives me a sense of accomplishment! It brings fulfillment, in that I have the opportunity to impact life / lives of inmates. Just like any other human being - they (inmates) need us to make a difference in their lives no matter the "sentence"! We can all learn from each other! Asante Nafisika!
Serving in prison has been a wonderful experience that has deepened my understanding of humanity. As humans we are hard wired in our nature to commit mistakes that cannot be erased. But the fact that we have hope, and hope does not disappoint; means that better things can spring out from those mistakes only if we stick to discipline. It has been a joy for me to partner with Nafisika in bringing this hope to those who are incarcerated; ahope of better years ahead.

Oliver Obwana

Director @ Upbeat Consulting Ltd.

Our Trustees

Mr. Eric Muyale

Mrs. Linda Okolo-Maruti

Ms. Josephine Okal

Mrs. Vickie Wambura

Board Of Advisers

Mr. Ashitiva Nelson

Senior Partner & Head of Strategy @ Ashitiva Advocates LLP.

Dr. Vincent Ogutu

Vice Chancellor Designate, Strathmore University.

Ms. Ciku Chege

Afrika Kommt Fellow @ VolksWagen Group AG.

Ms. Annette Mutuku

Communication Leader, SSA - GE Healthcare.

Contact Us

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P.O. Box 6604 -00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.

+254 708 385 125




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